A much happier Stacey

Sorry for wallowing in my last post. I’ve been so busy I didn’t have time to kinda say everything is okay now. I have had an awesome couple of weeks. New things are ahead and I love it. Feeling very excited for the new year and what it holds.

I have moved on in my job, I’ve moved stores, I actually work in my home town now which is awesome! Although I do find it rather bizarre when I walk out of my shop and find that I’m actually in Merthyr.

I went to visit a dear friend a couple of weeks back and we had the greatest time together. Really put a smile on my face! 🙂

I’ve had a few knocks but I think it has made me into a better person. I’ve become non reliant and just taking things in my stride. I don’t want to give everything to someone who isn’t willing to give it to me. I may have put up some barriers but I’m doing it to protect myself in the long run… Maybe some day someone will be ready to smash those barriers down, we’ll see, for now… I’m just living everyday as it comes and wishing, hoping, praying.



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