Dream world

I am known for living in ‘Stacey land’, basically this is referred to when I come out with the most unimaginable places, names and ideas known to man! I quite like my little world but I do realise it is through my constant use of watching too many Disney, fairy tale stories and trying to escape reality once in while.

Friday night a friend came over and wanted to watch a film, to my utter surprise he wanted to watch the Princess Bride, I had never even heard of this film (mainly because it was made a year before I was born). The reason why I was shocked at his choice was because this guy thrives off action, thriller and purely gross films. Nevertheless I grabbed some popcorn, we sat back and watched the movie.

I am all for slushy love stories, romantic comedies and most importantly hunky heros but this film got me so frustrated I felt like throwing my popcorn at the screen! The way Princess Buttercup (what a name?!) was portrayed was bugging me to death. Yes, Wesley, her charming English hero comes to her rescue but when Wesley is captured and ‘the machine’ is taking fifty years of his life… Princess Buttercup does nothing. She does not venture out of her castle to try and look for her love, knowing very well the prince she is betrothed too wouldn’t do as she wishes and send him on his merry way. There is also a scene where this ghastly rodent appears and tries to chew Wesley’s leg off and Buttercup manages to pick up a stick and gently tap the fiend on the head, what is that all about? If the love of my life was being eaten by this disgusting animal I would not gently tap the little monster I would do everything in my power to destroy it! I think the most recognised line in the entire film, apart from, ‘inconceivable’ was ‘Wesley will rescue me!’, Why should Wesley rescue you when you didn’t care about him down in the dungeons!

The point I’m getting too, there is one I promise… Is that why are women still being cast into these roles? Why is it we’ve been stereotyped as the Louis Lane’s of society where we need a strapping man to be our hero and rescue us from every little thing that has gone wrong? Why are these characters not seen as feisty women? Yes, we all want our prince charming (me, more than you know) but in today’s society, that just simply isn’t going to happen as much as I have dreamt about it in Stacey land, and I have come to terms with that . Maybe Hollywood should look at women such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, and understand how these women changed the world and really, we don’t need to be rescued all the time, however how nice it feels.

*Yes, I know I didn’t focus on the Twilight Saga as they could be seen as casting women back in these Hollywood scenarios but I’m allowed to like those, because I say so! šŸ˜›


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