Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013!

Happy new year!!

What a year 2012 was… We saw the Olympics being hosted in London! The Queen had another Jubilee and the world didn’t end! 

2012 was quite a bizarre year! I had the best birthday I’ve ever had! My friends and I went to West Midland Safari park and I fed a giraffe! (I love giraffes) I also got an awesome picture of an elephant who kindly posed for me! 

I learned how to play the guitar! Something I’ve been planning on doing for years but never got around to do it… I’m far from amazing but I can pick up a guitar and play most songs as long as they don’t have the dreaded F chord in them! 

I became Worship Leader at our church! A responsibility that I thought would be much easier than I was aware. I’m told Leadership within church always looks easier than it actually is… I do love it though. Last year we prayed for musicians after our old Worship Leader decided it was time for her to move on… So, not only has God blessed me with my new found skill but two musicians got saved when the New Hope Atlanta and Holland Road Baptist mission came to Wales in July and we have recently formed a Worship group! Which is awesome! We’re not brilliant yet but by God’s grace we are improving every time we worship together! 🙂 

I was blessed with a new guitar! No one has ever been so kind to me! When I started playing my guitar in church (I have an old classical Spanish guitar) It didn’t come through well on the PA system. I didn’t have the money to buy a new one so I would play without being plugged in… It then came to my attention that someone in the church had anonymously donated money for me to buy a new guitar and it is BEAUTIFUL! 

So what does 2013 hold? Well, also in 2012 I actually got a passport which was music to my friends ears as they have been asking me for years to get one, and I finally did! I’ve been invited to Atlanta this year to visit the New Hope Baptist church, I’m actually going next week! I’m very nervous as this is my first time properly abroad (apart from a family holiday to Tenerife when I was eleven) so please pray for me!

Now I have a passport in hand though, I intend on using it… Germany and maybe Paris are on the cards for this year and if I can squeeze together some more pennies, who knows where else! 

Very excited and very blessed! x


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